Real Estate Portal

The project is a online portal for Syndicate real-estate consultants. The web site enables administrators to upload residential, commercial and agricultural units on the web site including, floor plans, local maps and amenities. Visitors to the web site use a simple or advanced search engine to obtain a list of properties that match their search criteria. The web site enables visitors to watch a virtual video tour of the property if available.

Features of Our Software

  • You can develop your Unit Inventory with complete flexibility e.g. you can decide what the parameters are for each unit of your Scheme. Single click would give you complete information about each unit of the scheme.
  • You can track status of units like Available, Booked, Sold, Blocked or Due for payment.
  • Technocrat Software enables you to Book, Sell and Block units. For each project you can decide the Company Name, Unit Type, Rates, Payment Methods and Plans, Bank Details, Approved Bankers for loan etc.
  • Our real estate management software maintains complete account of Sales made through Brokers.
  • We offers single screen interface to manage complete aspect of Customer Accounts from Booking Details, Payment Schedules, Reminders, Other Charges, Payments History, Interest, Service Tax, Brokerage, Stamp Duty, Cancellation, Transfers, Refunds, Documents Generation, Unit Logs etc.
  • Management can track various Trends across their schemes e.g. trends related to Sales, Reservation, Monthly sales, Revenue, Payment due.
  • Technocrat Software Document Management System offers single click generation of all major Real Estate documents from Booking to Possession.

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